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Ethnic Style Living To Feel Warm Simultaneously Attractive

October 9th, 2012 › by Emanuel March › Category: Living Room

Elegant Ethnic Living Room Design Ideas Decor

Elegant Ethnic Living Room Design Ideas Decor

For those of you who want to make the interior of the house look with an atmosphere that is not boring, you can try to apply design ethnic style. This style has a unique and antique impression to give a touch of warm and cozy.

Ethnic style architecture is an art that has a natural atmosphere hallmark of culture. When it comes to interior design ethnic style, surely many who envisioned an interior to look heavy. however, the actual ethnic style is not always synonymous with heavy atmosphere exact origin.

Ethnic Living Room Design on 2012 Trendy

Ethnic Living Room Design on 2012 Trendy

Hmmm … if you intend to design interiors with ethnic style, it helps you focus on one area or the angle you want highlighted or you can also put some ethnic trinkets at a certain angle. This is to avoid the impression of weight on the interior of a typical ethnic style in your home.

You can try to apply such ethnic style in the living room for a warm first impression for anyone who visit your home. To display the ethnic style of course not only through the existence of trinkets or ornaments interior. However, one important element to support the concept of ethnicity is a blend of colors.

For the ethnic theme, the colors should be used is earthy colors like brown or beige. Because color is the color that is characteristic of ethnic designs that can bring warm and cozy atmosphere. You can choose to dress beige walls and living room floor.

Then, reinforce ethnic style by presenting a dark brown color on the furniture of wood arm chair with seat of woven rattan, table, end table, shelf, designed and carved mirror frames. To make the invisible ethnic theme is too heavy, you can apply again through the existence of a beige sofa simple modern style.

Have a try!!!